Food and StreetsGrowing up, I always loved learning and reading stories about and the history of things around me—especially those stories that came accompanied by beautiful visuals. And one of the most satisfying visuals was that of food. This inspired me to explore the beautiful side of food and the stories behind it. Every nook and corner has its own tale that is both fascinating and mesmerizing.

Food travels from place to plate, and wherever it goes, it accumulates its own narrative. And the narrative around food tells us so much about the times that it comes from. People will change, and the way they prepare the food might change, but the food itself was, and always will be, there.

This blog will touch your foodie chords and will provide you a spicy history of food and spices and their usage. I will also share a few of my own recipes here, of my favourite cuisines from around the globe and of my own fusion food.

Keep exploring, keep reading and keep eating.