presentation1I am  Sadaf Hussain, the Sutradhar (सूत्रधार) and your storyteller.

As a kid I really wanted to be the fattest kid in the world. I started noticing how people cook food and this made me curious to learn how to do it myself – this was my entry into the world of cooking. I remember that the first thing I ever made was तोरी (snake gourd) and chapatis when I was 10 years old and since then there’s been no stopping me! The different spices that mix to create the aroma and aura around food makes me drool.

I have never learnt cooking from any culinary school because of resource issues, and hence I was left with only one option, which was to look and observe others and learn from them, be it some cooking show on TV or online, or observing the cooks of small dhabas or pani puri walas.

I travel extensively around the country and abroad, and I love to explore the food wherever I go, be it street food or at fine-dining restaurants. I then try to find the history and story behind that food, and recreate the same.

I, along with a friend of mine (Manasi Bose), own Delhi’s first pop up café, Bread and Better. This is a unique concept, which brings people together in a new location every month to explore a brand new menu. The informal, drawing room setting of our chosen spaces also creates opportunities for socializing and meeting new people.

I am passionate not just about cooking, but about travelling and exploring the stories behind the food I cook and eat. I capture these experiences here and share some of my favorite recipes for amateur chefs looking for inspiration, as I always am!