Tilgul Ladoo (Sesame Seeds Ladoo)

  Sankranti is around the corner and we can easily see packets of TilGul Ladoo in the market. Til is sesame and Gul is jaggery in Maharashtra. In fact, these small ladoos and an old saying are very famous in Maharashtra “tilgul ghya god god bola “which literally means “take Tilgul and talk sweetly”. I think this is how…

Boondi Ladoo Cheesecake

Diwali is over but Diwali hangover isn’t. You still have all those leftover ladoos and kaju barfis which  you couldn’t recycle or finish on the day. Now what to do? Why worry, let’s cook up something simple, easy and yummy. Cheesecake got invented in Greece and is a very popular dessert all across the globe….